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Bearhawk Tailwheels and Components

What Comes in the Package?

All Bearhawk Tailwheels come with the tire, tube and wheel. When you order your Bearhawk Tailwheel, you will receive a fully assembled and tested tailwheel assembly with 8", 10" or Tundra forks.  The tailwheel assembly comes fully primed and painted.  The primer is a two-part Epoxy primer designed to prevent corrosion.  Once it's primed, the assembly gets top-coated with a durable, chip-resistant Acrylic paint.

All of our Bearhawk Tailwheels come complete with top-of-line Aero Classic ribbed tires and Leakguard tubes.  The 4" aluminum wheel along with all of the necessary hardware including stainless steel spacers, wheel bearings, axle bolt, washers and nut are included as well.  Its all fully assembled and ready to attach to your airplane.  You will also receive an instructional booklet telling you how to install your tailwheel and set it up for the best results. Also included is information on yearly maintenance of your tailwheel.

Purchase Instructions

To purchase your tailwheel or tailwheel components, click on the links below.  All credit cards are accepted through PayPal. If you would prefer to pay by check or money order, please click link below to print out an order form with mailing address.

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Please Note: All Tailwheels are made to order as the orders come in.  Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Click links below to purchase your Bearhawk Tailwheel

Tailwheels with Mount for Round Rod Spring
(Fits LSA, Patrol and Bearhawk Model "B")
                                                                              Tailwheels with Mount for 1 1/2" Leaf Spring                               
patrol 8" Tailwheel (w/rod spring mount)  -  $650.00 + S&H
  8" Tailwheel (w/leaf spring mount) - $650.00 + S&H
10" Tailwheel (w/rod spring mount) - $700.00 + S&H
10" Tailwheel (w/leaf spring mount) - $700.00 + S&H
Tundra Tailwheel (w/rod spring mount) - $800.00 + S&H
Tundra Tailwheel (wleaf spring mount) - $800.00 + S&H
             Below are the various sub-assemblies and replacement parts available  for  the  Bearhawk Tailwheels
wheel  Wheel w/ Bearings, and spacers. (no tire or tube) - $130.00 + S&H

Fork Assembly/with wheel, tire and tube, bearings, axle and axle bolt.
(Note:  Converting an  8" Tailwheel to 10" or Tundra requires a slight modification of the Tailwheel body.
That mod comes free with fork assembly purchase. Just return the body to us for a free upgrade)

Order by size:

8" Fork Assembly $325 + S&H -

10" Fork Assembly $350 + S&H -

Tundra Fork Assembly $400 + S&H -
Replacement Kit for all the wear items on your Bearhawk Tailwheel Includes:
  • Main Bearing
  • Top Brass Bushing
  • Bronze Thrust Washer
  • Two Wavy Washers
  • Two Wheel Bearings
  • Two Felt Dust Seals
  • Steering Arm Locking Pin
  • Shoulder Bolt for Locking Pin
  • Bushing for Shoulder Bolt
  • Steering Arm Spring and Cotter Pin
  • Instructions
$65.00 + $10.00 S&H in the Continental US -