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Please read the following instructions carefully before proceeding:

Please Read This First!   After paying for your manual, you will be given a unique download link for it.  You can then download the manual that you purchased right onto your computer or laptop.  Once it is on your computer, you can print it, burn it to a CD, make a backup of it on a thumb-drive, whatever you wish. Just make sure that you download the manual within 5 days of your purchase because the link will expire after that. Again, you are free to copy it to any computers which you personally own but please do not share the link or make a copy for anyone else.

The following buttons will allow you to pay for of each of the Bearhawk Builder's Manuals (Wings, Fuselage or Finish). For best results, it is recommended that you have either a DSL or Cable modem connection.  These are fairly large files (34.8 mb for the Wings manual, 59.8 mb for the Fuselage manual and 24.3 for the Finish manual) so will take a little while to load especially if you have a dial-up connection. After paying for the manual, you will be redirected to a download page with a unique download link. The manuals are in PDF format and are best opened with Adobe Reader which is a free download available at  

The PDF files that will be downloaded to your computer contain the entire builder's manual including cover page, side panel and index pages to use if you decide to print and make a 3 ring binder version of the manual.

How to Download the Manuals:
To download a builder's manuals (Wings, Fuselage or Finish), click on one (or all) of the buttons below.  After paying for the manual(s), you will be redirected to a download page that contains a  unique link to download the manual onto your computer. You will also receive an email containing the link.

When you click on the link(s), your downloadwill begin is complete, you will see the file(s) in your download file.  Very Important:  If the file won't download, your Firewall Protection or Pop-up blocker may be blocking access to the internet. The file will try to access the website  If you have any problems, you might have to configure your firewall and Pop-up to allow access to

Again, the manuals are in PDF format and are best opened with Adobe Reader which is a free download available at  

To purchase the WINGS manual click this button:

WINGS MANUAL Add to Cart  - $30

To purchase the FUSELAGE manual click this button:

FUSELAGE MANUALAdd to Cart  - $30

To purchase the FINISH manual click this button:

FINISH MANUALAdd to Cart   - $30

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If you have any questions or problems with the downloads, feel free to email me.

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